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Mechanical --> Computers. I am confused.

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  • Mechanical --> Computers. I am confused.

    I am doing my masters in mechanical engg. Actually i m not much into it....thinking of shifting into a branch that interests me more. Computers are good i think. But dont have enough info about computers too...I am confused as to what should i do??

    This was posted on on march 16th 2013

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    You can always shift your branch.. In that case, you need to talk to your DSO and also the department. You need to take few prerequisites


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      Audit some basic Computer Science course, meanwhile try to do good with ur Masters. The safest option - get your Mech. Eng diploma first, and you can always find a CS job


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        I would suggest to finish masters in mech and shift to computers after you graduate through it consultants.


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          Yeah instead of doing audit courses in computers, just finish off your degree in mech and then search for software jobs.. So many people do same


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            I would recommend you to get your MS in Mech.. I'm also a Mechanical Engineer and I have crossed few hurdles to find a mech job. So, I can see your point in terms of job perspective. I wouldn't say finding a mech job is easy. But as people above suggested, get ur masters in Mech instead of doing CS pre-reqs and finding a software job in US is much simpler with the number of Desi consultancies out there in the market. Good luck!