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Urgent situation:I had an accident and thinking of taking medical leave. How will it

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  • Urgent situation:I had an accident and thinking of taking medical leave. How will it

    I am student from Fall 2011 batch. I have visa till Jun 2016. Currently I need to finish my last semester to graduate. But I had an accident and it required surgery. Currently I am in India for that since start of July and recovery is taking longer than expected. So I am thinking of medical leave for the semester

    Sept 2013 to Dec 2013 and coming back to USA in Jan 2014.So how will that work out ?

    -Is it even acceptable from visa point of view ?
    -I will need new I-20. That will mean my OPT will be cut short in future and I need to get visa soon after I graduate.
    -But the main question is will the medical leave create any problem in terms of my status ? I will be out of US if I take the leave from July to Dec.
    Please help me. Its an urgent situation.

    This was posted on on August 16th 2013

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    This was posted by me. Is it possible that I submit my leave of absence for a semester and come back to US during that semester once I am physically fine that will mean I will be out for less than five months.

    Is it possible ? as I know my university will ask to discontinue my sevis record once I submit leave of absence from outside country and it needs to be reactivated is there any rule for this ? like 1 month before semester starts ? if thats the case then it will be over 6 months that I will be out of country.

    I learned looking up online that if medical leave > 5 months then : new visa and to get OPT I will need 9 months on this new visa which is not possible since I am in my last sem.


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      what if I come back from India (In India since start of July) just to submit my medical leave and go back to India for further recovery and return before next sem starts ? that will mean there is not a gap of 5 months in any of the visits? will that keep my status active on the same visa ?


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        I think you need to talk to your International student advisor in the university.. From what I've heard, it is acceptable!!


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          Not really.. If you inform your ISS about the situation and they not cancel your sevis then you are fine..


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            Ok. If you are out for more than 5 months of US then you will need a new visa. If its less than 5 months, then you can enter in safely. Obviously you need a valid i20 and other stuff.


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              Get well soon Everything will be fine


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                1. Keep an Email to International Adviser and explain about the condition and if required send the medical letter.
                2. You will be in status even you miss a semester in this case


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                  Talk tour Iinternational school advisor. He/she will have to update ur sevis nd USCIS record so it won't be cancelled at point of entry when u plan to come back


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                    Response from a reader:
                    You can maintain your F-1 status by registering 1 thesis credit. But, if you are out of US for more than five months, you must have the new I-20 with new SEVIS number and you don't have to go for visa interview again. I hope this answer helps, my university does that. Please check this with your International Student Services. Have a speedy recovery.