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Quicker Green Card Sponsorship by Companies, Good News ?

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  • Quicker Green Card Sponsorship by Companies, Good News ?

    (Apologies for reposting this as it didn't reach all our fans earlier)

    The reason companies are planning to increase green-card sponsorships is linked to rules which govern the way visa allocation is counted in a bill passed by the US Senate some weeks ago. The Senate bill imposes caps on the number of work visas companies can seek every year, a limit which depends on the number of H-1B visas for specialty occupations a company already has.
    Since the bill excludes 'intending immigrants' who have applied for green cards while counting the number of work visas a company owns, Indian firms are seeing great merit in the idea of sponsoring visa-holders for green cards.

    Converting visa holders to green card holders would be a key strategy to mitigate the impact of the new Immigration bill. is sharing the latest developments, This bill is not yet law hence all current rules remain in effect.


    This was posted on on August 2nd 2013