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Companies increasing sponsorship of Green cards, Good News ?

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  • Companies increasing sponsorship of Green cards, Good News ?

    Converting visa holders to green card holders would be a key strategy to mitigate the impact of the new Immigration bill.

    The reason companies are planning to increase green-card sponsorships is linked to rules which govern the way visa allocation is counted in a bill passed by the US Senate some weeks ago. The Senate bill imposes caps on the number of work visas companies can seek every year, a limit which depends on the number of H-1B visas for specialty occupations a company already has.
    Since the bill excludes 'intending immigrants' who have applied for green cards while counting the number of work visas a company owns, Indian firms are seeing great merit in the idea of sponsoring visa-holders for green cards. is sharing the latest developments, This bill is not yet law hence all current rules remain in effect.


    This was posted on on August 1st 2013

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    What good it makes when they sponsor people on eb3 even if they qualify for eb2 ?