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How can I transfer University without any legal issues of my status?

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  • How can I transfer University without any legal issues of my status?

    These Universities have different starting dates.

    I got my visa approved for some X university. The classes at this X university starts from Aug 19th. I want to transfer to some Y university in which the classes starts from September 23rd.
    How can I transfer without any legal issues of my status as I may be out of status because the difference between the two universities is more than a month. Please help

    This was posted on on July 22nd 2013

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    Just transfer your sevis to new univ, there won't be any problem. X university will not have any problem when you don't register for classes because they can see that your sevis is transferred.


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      Yeah but make sure you do that like now because it takes about a month for a Sevis transfer


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        It is very important for you to know that a student on F1 while studying has maximum 60 days of grace period. If your transfer process is done and the classes starts in the new university within these 60 days grace period, then you are good. You dont need to worry about it. Remember that your 60 days period starts from the last class you have attended at the present
        university or if you have not attended even a single class, 60 days period begins from your orientation date. If you transfer today and the classes begin in the new school within 60 days from today, then you are good.