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Getting this message on I-94 website:

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  • Getting this message on I-94 website:

    "It may not currently be available in the system". Where can I retrieve I-94 number?

    Hi need help. I am trying to retrieve the I94 number.I came in the month April 2013 back to the USA, but when I tried to retrieve the i94 number it is saying the following thing on I 94 website. Please help me

    "NOTICE: If you are trying to retrieve an I-94 number from an entry from March 2013 to May 2013, it may not currently be available in the system."

    Can you please help me from where can I retrieve the I-94 number ?

    This was posted on on July 16th 2013

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    Why are looking for I-94 number now? I guess it is already attached to your passport by Immigration officer when you first landed in US. Isn't it? best way is to contact your DSO and ask for the next step.


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      these days they are not giving the i94 numbers in the sheet as they were have to print it online (your i94 number) more i94s attached to your passports ..


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        Oh really? I did not know that..sorry..


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          Link for I-94 number retrieval -


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            Yeah ... The systems dosent have the i94's from march to may... So try to cal the CBP they can help you and also find if the port of entry that you entered in is automated or not... If its not automated you cant get .... (206) 553-1920.... Here is the cbp number