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Friendly reminder to review below Disclaimer and Posting rules on our page http://fac

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  • Friendly reminder to review below Disclaimer and Posting rules on our page http://fac

    Disclaimer: does not provide legal advice If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly. is not liable for any claims on correctness of information presented. Use information with your own discretion and risk. Your University DSO is first point of contact regarding any OPT/CPT/F1 visa related questions.

    Posting Guidelines
    1) Please consider the following guidelines when posting. Posts that do not meet these guidelines will be removed and the poster will risk being banned from this site -- no warnings, and no exceptions.
    2) Do keep messages on-topic. All off-topic messages will be deleted and flagged.
    3) Do watch what you say - you are responsible for what you write. (Views expressed in this page are not endorsed by
    4) Be professional and don't get personal. A good general rule to follow is, "criticize ideas, not people"
    5) Don't post personal / racial / ethnic / gender-based insults, slurs or offensive comments.
    6) Messages that are disrespectful, that advertise goods or services, that slander, threaten, or reference other enterprises, websites, eMail addresses, phone numbers, or that distribute copyrighted materials will be deleted, Depending on the severity of the matter, we may pursue legal action.
    7) Do follow Facebook rules and post using a real profile and person. False personas will be banned from the page. Don't make slanderous or negative statements about any organizaton/individual or anything else that might violate someone's privacy.
    9) Also, the appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the

    How to post your question on our Facebook Page?

    Please post your question at and message link to Some people prefer to respond on the forum hence you will get responses on both Forum and Facebook.

    Follow below steps for posting

    1. Goto
    2. You can register at or you can use your Facebook Account to sign up
    3. Post your question by creating a thread within a relevant topic
    4. Send us the link so we can post it on our Facebook Wall

    Above posting rules are available on our wall in notes area

    Thanks Team

    This was posted on on July 9th 2013