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I am planning to take Education Loan from US- Will this effect visa re-stamping? Woul

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  • I am planning to take Education Loan from US- Will this effect visa re-stamping? Woul

    Hi, I am currently pursuing MS in CS. Actually, because of some damage to passport I had to apply for a new passport and now I going to India for VISA re-stamping. I am planning to take a student education loan here in US. So I would like to know whether will that have any effect on approval of visa. Will the VISA officers know that I had taken loan here? I have given my SSN in DS160 form.

    This was posted on on June 28th 2013

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    They are bothered about the source of funds u put for ur education . The thing is if you have already got loan from US bank carry those docs and if it hasnt been granted yet u need to show the funds in the way u showed when u got ur first stamping done


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      I believe banks here give loans only to citizens or greencards or someone who can get atleast a greencard as a cosignee


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        Secondly, no one can give legal advice unless they are a lawyer... asking this question here may not attract correct answer and even if someone has asked lawyer about a year ago and suggests you here, how sure are you that law is not changed?? Please do remember immigration law is a federal law and if you want legal advice an immigration lawyer is the right sourc


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            If you are a transfer student while pursuing ms then i must say its a risk of stamping for f1.