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ticketed for selling cigarettes to underage while on f1.

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  • ticketed for selling cigarettes to underage while on f1.

    i was given a ticket for selling cigarettes to underage in Dallas. Went to the court and paid the fine. i am on f1. officer has taken my Drivers license information before he gave me ticket. Am i going to face problems at port of entry? is there any thing i can do to avoid deportion at port of entry?

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        recently heard one person got deported from chicago air port . not a good suggestion to travel to india for next three years


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          The above comment is not entirely correct. There are two issues you must immediately look into - inadmissibility and deportability. I have not seen your charging documents to advise you specifically, but you could be inadmissible and/or deportable. However, you may also have a waiver available for that. I am an immigration attorney and have helped clients in such situations. Feel free to inbox me to schedule a consult. A polite request to everyone else - plase do not advise someone of legal consequences of their actions if you do not have the law to back it up. Their life can be drastically changed on the basis of your advise.


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            If this gets on your sevis and your schools know it you can be out of status... Please talk to a lawyer as per f1 visa rules you should not work.. Since you have there will always be some problem... Good luck


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              here is the issue I am not telling its going to be 100 % deportation .if you have any thing like this the CBp officer will dig more into your background .first thing on f1 you are working and you accepted and you paid the fine and then there might be high chance of checking your personal belongings like laptops and mobile phone they may want to see you facebook linked in profile your resumes .i wont say this will happen but just making aware as we keep high experienced resumes .they may ask those so just a caution.all these happened in the past .


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                I completely agree with you. We should not offer advise if we don't know about it. And people should not trust everything they read on the Internet. Best way to go about such things is consult someone who knows the Law. Internet forums should only be a guide, seen as a pointer in the right direction.


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                  Lawyer up : without seeking real legal advice & doing a deal with district attorney : it's not easy to get it off your record.