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Telephonic Career & Immigration Session Scheduled on SAT March 23rd at 9 PM EST

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  • Telephonic Career & Immigration Session Scheduled on SAT March 23rd at 9 PM EST

    Please sign up as job seeker at (link in the comments of this post from for details on how to attend this session. You don't need sign up again, if you are already did this before.

    Post your questions to the Attorney in the comments of this post

    Note: To maintain quality this session is open for first 15 callers others can join next session.

    This was posted on on march 22nd 2013
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    sign up here for details on how to attend the session at


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      yes number will be emailed after you sign up as job seeker within 24 hours


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        thanks posting your question, please join the call before 5-10 mins - since it is first come first serve basis - you will be given first preference


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          how do we attend this session, is there a number to call at?


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            I am a Master of Science Engineering graduate and got a job recently and I am currently in Post Completion OPT from February 15, 2013. My employer is not E-Verified. My OPT (EAD) expires on February 14, 2014. My employer is not willing to file H1B petition this year. They are telling that though my EAD expires on February 14, 2014 but I am eligible for an extension of my EAD through October 2014. Therefore they can file an H1B application for myself in 2014.

            Now my question: Is it possible to extend EAD ? If it’s possible to extend EAD, will I be eligible to work from February, 2014 to October, 2014 till the time my H1B gets approved. And if my H1B gets rejected do I have to leave US immediately ? Also since the employer is not E-Verified, I won’t be eligible to get STEM OPT extension.

            Another query : If an H1B petition is filed while the student is in valid OPT and if the H1B is rejected, will the student continue to be in F1 status and can he work till the OPT (EAD) expires ?

            I would be very grateful if you can answer these questions.


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              You can get a 17 month STEM extension, but only if you are going to work for an employer who participates in E-Verify. Is your current employer going to start using E-Verify so that you can continue working there beyond Feb 2014?


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                If your OPT is still valid and the H-1 visa petition is rejected, you will still be in F-1 status able to work pursuant to OPT so long as your EAD has not expired.