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My company sponsors J1 Visa, Not H1. Which Visa status is better?

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  • My company sponsors J1 Visa, Not H1. Which Visa status is better?

    I am currently on STEM OPT at a leading cancer institute.. I am in biotechnology field.. they only sponsor J1 visa and not H-1b. and they sponsor J-1 visa for 4 years. I want to know whether I can switch company on J-1 or not, and is this a good option or not. Or should I start looking for industry jobs who are ready to do my H-1b. Any replies would be appreciated.

    This was posted on on May 31st 2013

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    Better to go for H-1b long term contracts than J1


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      my dear friend.. dont go for J1.. u may get 2 year home residency.. that means after completion of J1 u have to return back to India for 2 years.. while you are on J1 u cannot apply to H1 or Green card.. if ur luck is on ur way u may get waiver for 2 year home residency.. or you have to apply for J1 waiver a year before it expires. One small suggestion if u dont mind.. there is no much money in biology field.. if u r really passionate on this field go for phd.. dont stop at masters.. it will be very difficult to change from one industry to other with J1.. its my personal experience.. if you have time in OPT try to get a job and file h1.. company h1 is different than academic h1.. and its not easy to get a job in industry without good publications..