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Should I join Low Profile School instead of Good School- Would it effect getting good

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  • Should I join Low Profile School instead of Good School- Would it effect getting good

    Hi,I am Presently a MS student in Computer Science. I have a doubt regarding whether University plays a pivot role for our future job(I have decided to join in a consultancy). Even though I got good admits from different universities, I have decided to persue my second semester of my Masters in a low profile college. So, would this affect my chances of getting a good job in the future?(People say that since I decided to join in a consultancy, University does not matter). So, is my decision to transfer to a low profile college is good or should I continue my Masters in the same university considering the future aspects.( I am willing to transfer because that low profile university offers me scholar ship and even Instate fee).

    This was posted on on May 30th 2013

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    There may be a case where companies have a list of favorite universities from where they prefer hiring students as they have there past employees...yes good university's do make a if possible don't change if currently you are in a well known least from jobs point of..i may be wrong in my observations but yeah this is what i think..


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      Low profile schools = low profile jobs


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        It doesn't matter as long as u join any consultancy, cuz they any way gonna market your résumé with superfluous stuff.


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          So u already gave up the idea of finding job on your own.


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            Study in low profile college, but join in a good reputed consultancy. After few years of experience in your pocket you can try to get a full time job on your own that time only experience matters.its hard to get a fulltime job with fresh masters and no experience. This is what i exactly did and think a better way