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Received my I-20 but First Name is Incorrect, Will it be an issue?

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  • Received my I-20 but First Name is Incorrect, Will it be an issue?

    I have received my I-20 form through express mail. The first name(given name) is Abhinav and last name is Kapur in my I-20. But in my passport First name(given name) is Abhinav Kumar and last name is Kapur. Will it cause any kind of issues in Visa Interview.

    This was posted on on May 26th 2013

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    I do not feel there should be a problem.... As long as you have enough set of documents....


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      My suggestion would be intimate the school now itself and update them about the incorrect name so that they can correct it and send a new one..


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        I think. It is always better to keep same name everywhere


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          It's always go with same name, request ua school to send new i20 before visa


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            Go with correct name on i20...try to inform the university asap....nd try to get new i20 ....with correct it is the univ mistake they will issue new i20 with change with in a in the mean time prepare for do cuments


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              let the international center know what has happned... and that should not be a big problem as they will post you another one soon.... but make it befor you attend the visa