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Desi Consultant threatenint to Sue- Urgent Help Required.

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  • Desi Consultant threatenint to Sue- Urgent Help Required.

    I graduated 2014 Fall with my Masters. I joined a consultant who gave me accomodation and training. I was placed in a job through that consultant and signed a contract for 1 year.

    For the training they made me sign a contract , never gave me the copy of that contract. They said that the charge of training is 5000$ and i have to pay 1000$ for accommodation for every month i spend in tranining.

    After training when i got job, they gave me another contract to sign . this time the amount mentioned was 25000 $.

    The contract does not have a starting date but it says that it is valid for on year.

    I was working for a company , but as i was a contractor i was fired from that position. Since i was fired before an year the consultant is now threatening to sue me and saying that i haven't followed up with the terms of the contract.

    Also since i was fired he hasn't paid me.

    Later on i got a full time offer and now i working as a full time employee at a different company .

    I appreciate your help. I am worried because i want to know if this will have further implications on my H1-B

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        Many consultancies are threatening now low this. So terrific. I too experienced same kind of situation in my life after finishing my graduate. There is no any law to prevent these fellows. Please be aware.


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          Agree with Manasa. Ask for a copy of the contract, talk to a lawyer, sue them if you have to. These desi consultancies are a bane to the world.


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            u can even file a complaint at department of labour for not paying the salary .they will impose a lot of fine to the company


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              You threaten them back harder !!!!


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                Open a case with the labor commission.. And you should be OK. These consultants are being absolutely pricks these days.. they tried to exploit my brother as well.... Once you report them to the labor commission, and provide the required documents, rest assured you will get all that you are owed.. And he will come pleading to you to drop the case. DO NOT DROP THE CASE! THEY NEED TO TAUGHT A LESSON!


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                  By documents, you just need to prove you worked for them and that you haven't got paid for whatever time you worked and leave the rest to the labor commission


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                    Which consultancy is that??


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                      What I have heard is, if your consultant is based in California, contracts are not valid there. Every company works at will and they cannot hold you back with a piece of paper. So they cannot threaten you. Consultants are money making schemers. I do not think any desi consultancy will ever sue anyone because they are all fraud anyways. Talk to a lawyer or threaten the consultancy saying you will talk to a lawyer and dig into their process. I'm sure they will sit quiet.
                      I am not sure if this will have an effect on your H1B. But if your consultant has given an offer letter telling that you were employed by them, I guess you should be fine. Getting fired will for sure not have an effect on H1B, but make sure you find another job before your unemployment period gets over.


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                        Hi Manasa. Thanks for your reply. But there is no starting date mentioned in the offer letter. They paid me while i was working. After i was fired , they did not pay me anything.They asked me to come back to the consulting office . But i didn't go since they took 6 months to find a job nd going there further would have delayed me. Later i got a full time offer from a different company and am working there now.


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                          If you have paychecks as a proof that you were working with the consultancy, that should be fine I guess. Also, if you started working full-time before the unemployment days were over, you should be good. Inform the university of the date you starting working full-time. Just start ignoring their calls and emails, they will eventually stop harassing you.


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                            I got another job far before before my unemployment period was over.


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                              Yeah, Please share the name, so that new comers will be careful.