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Masters Degree with Thesis or without thesis, which is valuable ?

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  • Masters Degree with Thesis or without thesis, which is valuable ?

    What difference does it make for an international student . Because every student may not be able to get an opportunity to get a thesis from the professor.

    This was posted on on march 21st 2013
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    Is your goal to find a job? or do Phd? For finding a job, doing a project will be sufficient in most cases. If you are planning to do further research in the thesis topic, then your thesis is helpful. Readers, please do share your thoughts


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      Master's degree with thesis gives you an option to get converted to a PhD candidate if by any chance you have an option for future research or maybe if you did not get a job. Non- thesis option does not account for a possible PhD option.


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        If you want to get done with your MS without much pain go for non-thesis option. But if u really want to add life to your MS degree and looking for R&D kind of job or PhD go for thesis. I personally believe doing thesis will fetch you a job quicker...


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          Don't matter what you, what matters is how much effort you put in what you do.


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            Thesis will definitely give you an edge. Doing a thesis is not easy but you learn a lot while working on your thesis. This experience can prove invaluable when you start your job or future research.