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Help/Advice : Resume not getting picked

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  • Help/Advice : Resume not getting picked


    I have applied for countless positions both through vendors as well as personally on dice, techfetch and indeed.For some reason, my resume just refuses to get picked...for the 300 odd applications i put since September not a single one called back for a client interview.

    I always applied to only those jobs that fit my profile and have made changes to my resumes according to the requirement to highlight points that the client is looking for and made sure the buzz words are there instead of just pushing a one size fits all resume.Inspite of taking so much care - i havent received a single call from any vendor for a client screening or interview.

    I have given on follow up with vendors too -- they just keep saying client is looking for US citizen or green card holder.

    Has this happened to anyone before ? What could be causing this ? Am i blacklisted or something? Please help since i am in deep trouble and i need a job asap....

    Thanks and Regards,

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        try networking through LinkedIn with good recommendations


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          You may want to try your luck with career fairs. I have been to the ones organized by SWE and NSBE.


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            Most of the IT contracts have been taken over by Infosys, TCS & Cognizant. These vendors will never entertain candidates if they happen to be Opt or F1 to H1. Too many candidates with fake degrees from Tri valley, Four Valley & Alaska Institute of technology have exploited this loophole & made a mess at client locations. I've seen such candidates who claim to have 8 yrs exp in Java & doesn't know what's a static or final.


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              Thank you for your responses....I have no option but to keep trying,keep my fingers crossed!


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                Since you done all the required and important things on your resume there is no use of submitting it again and again. I recommend you to professionally done resume and I know one of the best service available named best resume writing service. You need to try it. I am sure you will get hired soon with their resume.


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                  Improve your skills.Make sure you get a really good resume which is different and impressive. Hire a professional to get your resume written.


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                    I also stand for improving one`s skills. This is the only way of getting better and becoming basically perfect in what you are up to. is a good article from where you will get to know 34 resume tips and a brand new sort of a resume list to be hired.