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Positive News: Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill

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  • Positive News: Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill

    -The number of highly skilled workers admitted to the country would rise from 65,000 annually to 110,000, with the possibility of a further rise to 180,000, depending in part on unemployment levels.

    -In addition to creating a pathway to citizenship for 11.5 million immigrants, the legislation creates a new program for low-skilled foreign labor and would permit highly skilled workers into the country at far higher levels than is currently the case.

    -The panel also agreed to a last-minute compromise covering an increase in the visa program for high-tech workers, a deal that brought Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah over to the ranks of supporters.

    -Firms where foreign labor accounts for at least 15 percent of the skilled work force would be subjected to tighter conditions than companies less dependent on H-IB visa holders.

    -The 13-5 vote cleared the way for an epic showdown on the Senate floor on the measure.

    This was posting on on May 22nd 2013

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    Next Step: Bill moves to Senate Floor for consideration after approval from Senate Panel.


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      What about GCs to MS students...??? Is there any progress in that part??


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        Immigration Bill updates from ''

        -The legislation raises caps on high-skilled workers and creates a new visa program for low-skilled workers.
        -It would make E-Verify mandatory for employers across the country to crack down on illegal workers and deter future waves of illegal immigration
        -Loosen restrictions on H-1B visas for high-skilled workers
        -U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to submit weekly reports to Immigration and Customs Enforcement on people who fail employment eligibility checks through the E-Verify system.

        Read more at:


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          how likely is it for the bill to pass in the floor?