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How is the port of entry at washington (IAD)?

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  • How is the port of entry at washington (IAD)?

    Hi...I am an OPT student travelling to india ...Can anybody say how is the port of entry at washington (IAD) while returning?? about the checkings and stuff at IAD port of entry for an OPT student.

    This was posted on on May 13th 2013

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    They will mostly check you twice before you exit the airport. I recently came back from India through IAD. Once you are done with immigration, they will mostly send you to another area (B for me) for further checking. They had me wait for half hour or so but they didnt open my bags and stuff. I would recommend to take all the documents with you to be on a safer side.. Gud luck!!!


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      It's bad at Washington Dc..I recently travelled to India and missed my connecting flight