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  • Employer Scam!!

    Hello Team

    I really appreciate the way you are helping the international students. I would appreciate if you can help me with the below issue.

    I did apply for H1B for 2 persons. There is a 3rd person in middle who introduced me to this employer. This 3rd person has taken the amount in cash worth $3000 for two applications stating that $300 for H1B application fee & $1200 for lawyer.

    I have read few blogs that employer has to pay all the charges & after getting picked in the lottery, employer needs to deduct the processing fee from the employees paycheck.

    Another point is that, not knowing the H1B regulation is not an excuse. You can also be held accountable for paying money to get the H1B processed which is illegal as per H1B regulation.

    After taking the money now the employer nor the 3rd person are responding to any of my messages, mails or calls. I do have a doubt that employer hasn't filed & even though if he filed he did charge me more than what is required.

    I tried to threaten the employer through mail stating that if you do not respond to my call i would file a case against you to USCIS, but there is no response.

    I need few suggestions on how to get my money back.

    If i try to file a case with DOL(Department of Labor) would it help me. I would like to know the process on how to solve this issue.

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      Your message was posted anonymously on our Facebook wall at on July - 21st - Please review comments from other users.


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        Payments were in cash... Hmm try to look at reivews of the employer and see what can be done...


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          did you have any proof of payment to the 3 rd person or any confirmation email from official email then you can proceed .but with out proof we cannot file complaint against him to the department of labour.


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            U can not do anything . forget about money .. I have seen lot of post over here about misusing multiple filings .and should not pay money for h1 .everyone aware of this should have acted carefully .. Most of us have done it even knowing risks ..


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              did u sign any offer letter? contact their lawyer if possible


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                Applied H1b for 2 persons or you did two fake petitions. What an unethical moron are you to bribe for H1 visa. Criminals, fakes like you needs to be deported for such unlawful activities.