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Do they ask for financial Proof at Port of Entry?

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  • Do they ask for financial Proof at Port of Entry?

    I am student currently studying in F1 visa.I am flying to india this month...since there are some recent changes of check while re-entering US. I see that in documents to be carried "it also mentions that current proof of financial support".

    Now my question is
    -"Is it added now or it was always there?"
    - Do i really need to carry proof of financial support while re-entering? If yes, then what kind of document. (Since during visa, i remember, i carried some bank statement and other stuffs, do i again need those?)
    -Do they ask for financial proof in port of entry?

    FYI : I have completed 2 semester and just have 2 courses now to graduate which i till take in fall.I have CPT with me which i just got and next month after coming back from india i will join internship.

    This was posted on on May 8th 2013

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    I haven't been asked for it when I went to India
    Ur international office may have asked u to carry them just in case.
    Check with ur international advisor


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      They wont normally ask financial documents at the port of entry.


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        all they ask is passport and i20. unless if they become really suspicious