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Obama pushes immigration reform deadline as Congress signals progress

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  • Obama pushes immigration reform deadline as Congress signals progress

    Barack Obama put pressure on Congress on Monday to introduce an immigration reform bill by April, saying the "time has come to fix once and for all" the broken system.

    Speaking on Monday, Obama said: "We've known for years that our immigration system is broken, that we're not doing enough to harness the talent and ingenuity of all those who want to work hard and find a place in America. And after avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and all. The time has come for comprehensive, sensible immigration reform."

    He added: "We are making progress, but we've got to finish the job, because this issue is not new. Everyone pretty much knows what's broken, everyone knows how to fix it … So I expect a bill to be put forward. I expect the debate to begin next month. I want to sign that bill into law as soon as possible."
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    This was posted on on march 25th 2013

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    Read more at this link
    Hopes high that deal can be reached after Easter holiday as bipartisan groups near compromise in Senate and House


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      By this reform bill what exactly master students will gain?


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        @Sushma- nobody knows yet. Congress has not agreed on a bill to provide to the President yet. For a full transcript of the President's speech, visit our Facebook page


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          @Mohammed, we don't know yet. The reform bill (in its FINAL version) does NOT exist yet. The President was again speaking in generalities. The House and the Senate in the US Congress have been working on it for some time and continue to work on it. As soon as there is a CIR bill, I will post about it on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter.


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            If a F-1 student deliberately goes out of status in anticipation of the bill , will he gets benefits like immediate work permit if the bill passes in congress?


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              @ Imran - why take a risk when we don't know the outcome of the bill. It might take more time for the bill to be formulated and approved and the president has not mentioned anything in particular. You would not want to lose what u have in anticipation of something that hasn't happened and its not certain when or whether it will happen.