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Phd Interview Outside US- Is it risky to travel?

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    I think it would be risky, unless you have a job offer letter. So basically uou would need the offer letter from an employer and your EAD card/ receipt to get back.

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  • Phd Interview Outside US- Is it risky to travel?

    Hello,I have a question related to travelling out side the US after graduation and before the start of my OPT.

    I have applied for my OPT for it to start on July 1st and the application is in process. I have a PhD interview outside US in mid June for which I have to travel to that place.

    - Is it risky to travel in such a situation?

    - What measures I can take to assure myself that I am not denied entry back in to the USA after the travel?

    - What are the chances of not being allowed entry back into the country in such a situation

    This was posted on on April 30th 2013