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    I have a few questions regarding tax filing for year 2014.

    I was on OPT and OPT-Ext until 30th September 2014. I started my H1B on 1st October. I was previously on F1 Visa and was considered a non-resident alien. Starting October 2014, I was in the US for less than 183 days, so I do not qualify the Substantial Presence Test for 2014.

    1. Due to non qualification of substantial presence test, will I file 1040 NR form for 2014 taxes?

    Also, in December I got married, however, my wife did not join me in the US until January 2015. I know I will not be eligible for the deductions.

    2. What will be my filing status, single or married, since she did not stay with me throughout the year? If I file as married but filing single, do I need to get an ITIN for her, even though she was not present in the US for a single day last year.

    Will appreciate help on this subject. Thanks.

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        1) Yes 2) You don't have to claim her as a dependent, when you file your taxes for 2015 you will have to.


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          Also I think you should file form 1040 NR-EZ if you do not claim any dependents and your gross income falls below $100k


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            1. Yes, u need to file 1040 NR Ez
            2. single for 2014 taxes based upon your info


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              Hey, based on what I heard from my CPA u can say Married. Even Though she is not with u last year here.


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                1 technically u fall under dual status alien ( after oct 1 u come under non resident .. )
                2 u are eligible to clime her as dependent and u need to get itn for u r spouse .


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