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SEVIS Data error- Can I travel?

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  • SEVIS Data error- Can I travel?

    I recently graduated with a masters in MIS and joined a firm as an full time employee. I am working on my opt and since I have 29mo of opt, my company will file an h1 by 2014. I am planning to go to India for a visit (haven't been home for about 2yrs) and thus requested my university to print an updated i20 with my current employer name on it. However, while printing the i20, counsellor realized that SEVIS has made a data entry error and listed me as a part time opt rather than full time. we have logged a ticket with sevis for the same. So currently I have my i20 with part time listed on it and revised i20 ll come atleast 2 months later. Since my trip is planned within a month, should I risk on traveling with an i20 saying part time? However it does list my current employer name. Please suggest and thanks in advance.

    This was posted on on April 22nd 2013

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    i had same problem. it took USCIS 3 weeks to correct the data fix. Wait till the data is fixed. it doesnt take that long


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      One of my friend has a similar issue. He has been waiting since feb for the correction. I believe California uscis is pretty laid back.