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Lost my Job-Should I Inform USCIS?

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  • Lost my Job-Should I Inform USCIS?

    Recently I lost my job and in couple of weeks I'm going to apply for STEM extension. Will this be an issue for me for the approval? what kind of queries USCIS might ask me?

    And so far I haven't informed USCIS that I lost my job because I'im still with my employer and I thought i do not need to inform USCIS that I lost my job.And Once I apply for STEM extension and I find a job how do I need to update them?

    This was posted on on April 19th 2013

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    No need to inform USCIS again and again regarding the job status.They can apply for the stem extension.There is no issues to work during the processing time of the extension.I guess you can work until for 6 months after applying for the extension.Please make sure with your employer and proceed further...


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      I think its not necessary to inform USCIS,since you are with your employer.


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        Will the USCIS look into payroll during the OPT extension process? Or just the employers e-verified number is enough?


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          No need to inform USCIS though u should update your university by contacting the International Students Office.


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            and does USCIS really look into number of unemployment days during OPT?