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Choosing Technology for Better Career oppurtunities in US

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  • Choosing Technology for Better Career oppurtunities in US

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from India, did engineering in ECE and working on Mainframes in Techmahindra from 2 years 8 months also pursuing MS from BITS through Work Integrated Learning Program(WILP) which will be completed in June 2015. I am planning to apply for H1b Visa in April 2015 through a consultancy, though little tensed about the lottery selection process, i am thinking to learn any new technology to shift from current technology(Mainframes) for good progress. Below are the technologies I am interested in:

    DWH tool among Informatica,Cognos,MSBI,TIBCO
    Java Developer
    Oracle DBA

    Could you please guide me in choosing right one to work min 3 years in US. It can be different technology other than those mentioned above, like Hadoop, Bigdata, Saas, etc.. any which is having good scope in US.
    Please help me in choosing a good technology that yield good career progress and pay in future.

    I will be really thankful for all of your responses..

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Nov 6th)


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        Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Admin View Post
        Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Nov 6th)
        Could you please change the question as "which technology have multiple job opputunities in US? "


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          rather than asking this ask yourself , in which tech are you master at ? because there are many "good" technologies , which are in demand , however , it may or may not suits on you ..


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            Check all the prospects and decide your self ! The technologies which are in good demand always change based on the market !


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              why cant you try vmware storage from emc web logic currently emerging and has many positions just my recommendation


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                Why are you even asking such a stupid question? You want to pursue a career based on comments here on desiopt? I pity you. You are the one who has to work all your life. So please atleast know the basics of the the technology before you even think of pursuing a career in that particular field. May be after sometime we might even see a guy post 2 or 3 girls pictures and asking which one should i marry? Have you all gone insane? What is wrong with desiopt? They have to start filtering posts more aggressively from now on. The question should not be which carrer options should i choose? But rather be something like which technology has more number of jobs or something of that sort.

                PS: This comment is not to hurt anyone's feeling but rather in disappointment on desiopt about how they allow users to post these sorts of meaningless questions.


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                  Do one technology every year (from what you posted), meanwhile if new comes in then start doing those too.. reason is simple - they all are good if you are good at it.


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                    Suggestion for Choosing Technology for Better Career oppurtunities in US

                    Hi Dear,

                    This is nice thing that you are so sincere about your great future. As I am an education consultant So I will suggest you to go for ccnp security courses, citrix netscaler 10 training or mobile hacking training etc.

                    And they have great future in U.S and other cities.
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