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No On-Campus Job:How to Get SSN?

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  • No On-Campus Job:How to Get SSN?

    I am Masters student at Clemson and on a F1 visa. I am applying for summer internships right now. I was hoping to get some kind of on-campus employment when I came here, which never happened, so I do not have a SSN. Is there a different appropriate way to get a SSN? Can my university file for my SSN on any particular agenda if not a on-campus job?
    Also, not having a SSN will impact by opportunities for getting an internship or a full time job after graduation ?

    This was posted on on April 16th 2013

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    No not having ssn doesn't affect the chances of internships. You can apply for ssn once you ve your job offer letter. I applied for my ssn based on my summer internship as well. Good luck!


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      Cpt off campus


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        I dunno if this really works but my friends did, so you need to contact you're international office advisor and ask them to file your SSN because you want to buy iphone on contract/ or new car which definitively needs social security number ! you probably might need to establish some really good relationships with the international office advising people out there to get on-campus job ... I've been through same phase but finally got job only after building some good contact...Insha Allah