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  • higher studies doubts

    hi Iam persuing my bsc biotechnology course and I will be done with it in march 2014 and im planning for aug2014 so I would like to know whether I have oppurtunities in us to persue my ms because I heard that there is must of 16 yrs of education so if I have a chance can u pls help me out with d universities that accept 15 yrs of education n I would also like to know that which subject in ms is having a good scope in future pls help me out pls

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    about the clg

    I went to a consultancy to apply to universities to spring 2015.He applied universities but applied very late and I donot have any hopes on those universities as already 2 of them are rejects.Finally he applied to a private university named virginia international university and I got info that I will get anadmit within 20 days.Is it a good university?Is the ms degree from this university valuable?Can I transfer to other universities during fall when I get i20s from them and is it easy?Can I expect parttimes eaily in virginia?Plz answer me fast


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      Hello Varsha,
      I'm Datta from Hyderabad,So i'm doing my 2 years B.A in MassComm and Journalism from osmania university so even i would be having a 15 year of education by mid 2016.and i'm planning to go in fall 2016.So I've been in contact with many universities in the united states for the past 1 month and similar to your are mine and i inquired them,so the situation over here is there are universities which accept 15 year of education in numbers but not more than the universities which accept 16 year's of education and that list include worlds top universities like Massachusetts institute of technology,Columbia university,University of southern California,Boston university,Missouri state university and etc.Here do not think in the way that if a university accepts a person of 15 year's of education it doesn't necessarily mean it is not on a good list so I've given u examples for the world's top universities which accept 15 year's of education.It depends upon the universities to accept or not the 15 year's of education or 16 year's so it differ from place to place in terms of universities but that should not be mistaken for entire US educational system.So if aren't in a hurry to go to the united states you could pursue diploma only after finishing your bachelor's degree then only the diploma also come's under your year's of education.You cannot do diploma while you pursue bachelor's,actually you can technically but that doesn't come under your year's of education.And here some universities need diploma in the related field of your bachelor's degree whereas some require a diploma irrespective to your bachelors degree and some of them require you to complete a post graduate diploma or only the first year of a master's degree from India.So the situation i'v told over here is only US universities but not of any other countries.


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