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  • Surname Missing in Passport

    Hello,I am a Graduate student on a F1 visa and my (Country Name) passport does not have a surname. I noticed this at the last moment before applying for visa and hence I did not have time to get it corrected. Now, I am having FNU as my first name and my complete name as last name in all the US documents. Hence, I am planning to get my name corrected at the (Country Name) embassy in USA.
    After the name change, I guess the visa will be the same. But, I want to get the name changed on my ssn, driving license etc.
    Is that possible? Will there be a problem at the port of entry if ever I wish to travel outside USA and return back?
    I am graduating in this December. Will it cause any problem during OPT application? Thanks

    This was posted on on April 16th 2013

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    i was having the same issue ... FNU on my i20 ... so i split my name on my passport.. i have applied to opt now.. before applying opt my university split the name on my i20. thy said once u get opt card u can change it on drivers licence and ssn...


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      one of my friend had the same issue....he got a new passport by spliting his name, you will have to carry both the passports when u travel ...nd later changed it on driving licence and SSN....


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        Don't worry it's not a big deal as it seems, I have also faced the same thing, just split your name in your passport, e.g now someone has his name like, first name : xyz kumar , he can split it as first name : xyz
        Last name : kumar or vice versa..
        But you have to carry both passports when you travel because the new passport has no visa stamped in it or you can also apply for visa when you go to your home country and get visa stamped in your new passport, but it's not necessary..