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Electrical Engineering --> IT. Which IT Course is in boom right now

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  • Electrical Engineering --> IT. Which IT Course is in boom right now

    After graduation,Most of students shift to IT irrespective their field of study. for that options might be 90 days limit line or good salaries in IT or to survive with a job. I am doing Masters in Electrical Engineering going to graduate in May. like others , I am also trying to shift to software but I have no Idea which platform to choose in IT, please suggest me with a IT course which is in boom right now

    This was posted on on April 15th 2013

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    Hi, As already you are doing your masters in electrical, I'm pretty sure you found your interest for future work. i dont think it will help you if someone says which field has boom because so, far i know from my various professor that every field is booming if u have the specialization. it all depends on you what you wanna do. You can be successful easily in your desired field rather than other. say, you might like coding, so, you can chose matlab/lab view/cadence/power eng coding/control/signal coding/ java script...etc and be specific for the job. well, Good luck


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      Maybe you want to look at data mining n business intelligence. Rest i agree with metoo! Good luck