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  • Cap-Gap Extension Proof

    Hi!I wanted to know about the Cap-Gap extension. I got my receipt from USCIS yesterday. My OPT expires in August 2013. I know that Cap-Gap is automatic, however, I did read in some places/forums that I would need to instruct my College regarding this. Is there any place which actually gives you all the information needed? Or does anyone know the process to go about this?Thanks!

    This was posted on on April 12th 2013

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      Ask your school's ISSI or International Student department that provides you with I-20s. Now my school authorities say it is advisable to inform them about your receipt number. They will provide you with a new I-20 for Cap-Gap. It is not compulsory as your lawyer may say so..but advisable to stay on the safer side as you have a new I-20 as a document and proof of your legal stay in addition to the receipt number.
      My advise: Consult with your School's International student deptt and your attorney.


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        As quoted above, you will automatically enrolled in Cap-Gap Extension. Since you have your receipt number in hand, it confirms that your petition have been picked in Lottery. Some people to be in the safer side, they also apply for OPT-Extension, just incase their Petition got rejected ! If your employer has submitted your petition in premium processing, you will get to know the result in two weeks from now or sooner ! Hence, after the result, if it is not positive, you can apply for OPT- Extension. Also, to apply for OPT - Extension, you should be within 120 days for your OPT Extension, which gives you till May. If you are feeling insecure, you can always get your documents ready and get your new I-20 from your university, which gives you plenty of time to prepare in advance !


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          It is not automatic .. Your DSO would invoke it .. Read the cap gap requirements carefully