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  • Regarding F1 Visa


    I've pursued Master's degree from USA and right now I'm in India. I applied for Visitor Visa twice in last month but it was declined under section 214(B). I was wondering if I want to apply again for F1 Visa for higher studies, what are the chances of getting it approved? I would like to get more information regarding my situation. If anyone of you would like to share their suggestions/experience or like to guide me in this situation, I would really appreciate it. I'm hoping to hear good info from you all to move forward in right direction. Thank you in advance.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (19th Aug)


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        Hey guys,

        I have applied for a change of status from H4 to F1 on early June 2014. I have already completed one semester on H4. I still have two more semester to get graduated. My start date for fall 2014 is on Aug 25th , but till now I didn't get approval regrading the case. In order to apply for OPT, I heard that I should maintain F1 status for atleast 2 semester. If in case I get my approval after my school start date either in early september or later that month, will I be eligible for applying OPT??

        Please help me in this regard with your inputs.

        Thanks In Advance


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          I believe the primary reason for your denial the second time is re-applying so soon. Your F-1 may also get rejected if you plan to apply again soon.

          I do not see an issue why your F-1 will be rejected if you have all the required documents and an admission from an University.

          Also, I'd recommend plan your visa interview (visitor or F-1) atleast a couple of months later. Usually re-applying early also leads to rejection, since consular usually assumes that you still do not have any concrete evidence for your planned visit..


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            Go head now thy are giving visa to everyone all the best don't keep such things in your mind about visiting visa rejection
            As you are applying for student visa you will get visa thy want you to pay tuition fees America needs money


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              Thank you for your suggestions. I'm planning to apply for Spring Semester 2015, do you think its too early?


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                One of my friend, he is on same scenerio he had F 1 1st but after study went back to India for marriage and stayed 3 yrs meanwhile his visa is expired. After sometime he think that to come back so I help him to get an I 20 from Liberty University Virginia and he recently got stamped plus his wife got F 2 too.

                His interview run for more then 15 mins in embassy and ask lot of questions regarding old school and reason for y u want to go back.