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Fall 2012 Student- Should I file Taxes?

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  • Fall 2012 Student- Should I file Taxes?

    Hi,I am on F-1 visa. I wish to know if I need to file taxes for FY 2012. I didnt have a job in my first semester - FALL 2012 and I got an on-campus job only in Spring 2013 . I have heard that irrespective of having an on-campus job or not, we need to file taxes.

    This was posted on on April 8th 2013

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    You don't need to file 1040 NR Ez for 2012 but you gotta file form 8843 for last year


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      If u don't have any Earnings for a certain year then u are not eligible to file taxes as U will not be provided w2 Form in order to file u r taxes. Probably u might be provided with 1098-T only.


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        I agree with Vidit! Just look up form 8843 on google, read the instruction amd file it. Make sure you check the deadline, it might be April 15th. Good luck


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          I think no need to file taxes , because it is the same case with me. I met one of the tax consultant and he said no need to file for taxes, the 1098 T form will be no longer useful for him because he is a non resident . Only residents will get money back from Aotc program


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            U need to file 8843 for sure


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              Does anybody the additional documents needed apart from 8843 ?