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Spring 2013 student-If I get job offer, How can I work? Any other Option.

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  • Spring 2013 student-If I get job offer, How can I work? Any other Option.

    I have joined college in Spring 2013. My college won't give me CPT untill 9 months. I have sent my resume to a few companies still and I am getting an interview for a job. Can I ask for CPT in my college? I also spoke to them about giving me volunteer work and pay my college in the form of Tuition Fees, if possible. Is that legal? What are my options?

    This was posted on on April 2nd 2013

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    As far as your CPT is concerned you right now are not eligible to work on Cpt because the rule states that, only after 9 months you can start working on your CPT. Hence, in order for you to be eligible for work, you need to wait until your fall 2013 semester gets completed as far as my kbowledge.


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        I don't think you are allowed to work voluntarily as well (forget paid) unless your University allows it
        but then you can always talk with your University regarding it they may or may not its completely on the university
        its on extreme cases that the University allows CPT before 9 months like paying hospital bills sudden fall of currency


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          U can work for an engineering internship program if your college offers it


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            Same situation from me as well..I have seen there is an exception for the one year requirement your talking about for the graduate students provided theie internship is in line with course requirement