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Starting a business with a Citizen, How does this effect me?

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  • Starting a business with a Citizen, How does this effect me?

    I am into MS program in healthcare but me and one of my friend is planning to start a business, which is not at all linked to my studies. (The friend is a US citizen and a Veteran). How do i go about that without me worrying about the visa status. Right now I am on F1 and would graduate in May 2013.We are planning to start warehouses with the finances we have
    1. Can I get employed as a normal OPT student (STEM OPT would start in June 2013)
    2. Do I need to take a special visa for entrepreneurship and if I do get that VISA , can I still work for an employer?
    3. If by chance the business does not work, what happens to my OPT status and how do I go about that? Can I come back to square 1 and still apply for a job based on my qualifiation?
    4. Can our new company file my H1B and what are the chances of it getting accepted?

    This was posted on on April 7th 2013

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