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  • Sevis Completed,Opt denied

    I was on academic probation due to low gpa .My Program advisor/professor(m) made me repeat two courses to improve the gpa but the University Policy strictly allows only one graduate level course to repeat.Also made me enroll in the courses forcefully and told me that i could graduate ,stopped me from transfer to another institution earlier.Applied for the Opt on 9 july 2013 Because of low gpa(2.85) i got dismissed from the program on 26 Aug 2013 but my opt was approved on oct 10th and the DSO sent it back to uscis saying i dont qualify for it.On 23 jan 2014 uscis sent the opt denial notice letter to the university.I got transferred to another university with sevis completed record on 18 Dec 2014 and now i am in the process of applying for the reinstatement with my visa expired.
    1.What are my chances to get the reinstatement approved.
    2.Can i get my opt approved again .
    3.Should i file a case against the advisor/professor for misguiding me.Need you suggestions.

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      First, I'd get with a lawyer and figure out your Professor = 2 repeat classes but uni strictly follows 1 class repeat policy. . . Either your advisor or your school can be under a lawsuit for this. They probably even made you pay for those classes , if im not wrong, and promised graduation.


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        1 it depends but will take around 3 -5 months ..
        2 hmm not sure how it works but apply 3 months before you graduate ..
        3 if have proof that u r adviser then approach school first ..


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          There are chances of reinstatement approval if ur new university sends in proper documentation and if the university is according to US standards. Not really sure about OPT though.


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            OP should have mentioned the name of the University at least! When they didn't help him, why is he being kind to them. get a lawyer and sue the University. They obviously didn't care about you, your career or your money.