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Am I qualified for Green Card EB2 5 Year Requirement ?

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  • Am I qualified for Green Card EB2 5 Year Requirement ?

    My employer is willing to sponsor me green card in EB2 category.They are trying with Bachelors degree with 5 years of experience, prior joining the company.I have 4 years of Bachelors degree in Computer Science, and also have 5 years of experience in software engineering. But 1 year of that work experience was before I received my Bachelors degree. During that time, I was working full time and attending college as a part time student. So my question is, Will I be able to use this 1 year experience before I received my bachelor degree to count towards 5 years of progressive experience required for EB2 filing? I am worried because only 4 years of my experience is after I gained bachelor degree and 1 year is before that, though all of them was full time job. Please share your thoughts whether I am qualified for EB2 category or not. Thanks in advance.

    This was posted on on February 17th 2013

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    If you need advice directly from the attorney, please attend our telephonic immigration session on Feb 23rd, details on facebook wall. Readers, please share your thoughts as well


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      I applied for OPT EAD at the end of December (my 60 days would end on 19th Feb) and unfortunately my OPT EAD got rejected due to some lapse. I had a new I 20 Issued from Columbia University and immediately reapplied. I am still waiting for my denial notice to arrive. After it arrives, I shall attach the supplementary documents to USCIS. Will my OPT get accepted this time? I am a little tensed because of this and have had to postpone my joining because of this. Please advice me on this.


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        Parivesh Priye - Can we post your question on our wall so it reaches someone in similar situation?