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Mailing EAD card?

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  • Mailing EAD card?

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    Hey.! I am graduating this dec and have applied for OPT. I am Planning to go India for 2 months and return in Feb. So is it possible that when I get the ecard I ask my friend to courier me that ecard to India and once I get the card I come back to US with employment letter and ecard. Will that cause any problem for me at port of entry?

    This was posted on on 5th Dec 2013

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    There should be no issue in port of entry as if you have a valid letter from your employer and your card handy.


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      Hi, I did the same thing when I applied for OPT. But there might be issues if there are any documents missing and if they want those to be submitted by you in person( if signature missing)So, if you think you have done all the documentation properly, you are good to go!! and Good luck!


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        Should be no issue. Make sure you use trusted service like FedEx. Otherwise you're good.


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          I think its not very wise to travel during opt . Without employment especially . The immigration might stop you from re entering the country


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            Yea but rather as one your friend who is coming to India to bring it rather than using a mailing service


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              Yeah I have been in the same situation. Not worth the risk of losing it in mail. I would say wait for it then leave unless its an emergency.