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Academic failure - HOW to stay in F1 status

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  • Academic failure - HOW to stay in F1 status

    One of my friend is studying doing his bachelor/associate degree here in US. he could not complete complete his program even after the last warning from university. this university will not give him another chance.

    can you please tell him how he can stay in F1 status?

    please let me know if he can trasnfer to another university?
    can he join any ESl school and staty in status?
    let me know if there are any other ways?

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      Yes, I believe that he can transfer to another college, but the problem will arise with regards to transferring college credit. He will have to contact the department that he wishes to transfer about how they handle credit transfer. Moreover, some colleges have rules with regards to minimum gpa for transfer(and it can also extend to departmental level as well. For instance, you may get accepted in the university with 2.5 but rejected by engineering college so you may have to choose a different major).


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        There many schools that one can transfer..n search for ESL course


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          Instead of worrying about being in status... Help your friend figure out why its being so difficult to deal with studies, I believe this is more important!