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How are Job Prospects for Mechanical Engineers?

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  • How are Job Prospects for Mechanical Engineers?

    We posted a similar question earlier but there was not much response, Like this post if you can't answer so it reaches someone who can help

    Hi I am a grad student from Mechanical Engineering major I have got 2 years f work experience with Caterpillar before I made it to the US, now i will be grateful if you can give me a glance regarding the job opportunities.

    This was posted on on march 6th 2013

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    It is more challenging to find a well paying Mechanical job compared to IT field, From our experience - We have seen alumni moving from Mechanical field to IT field due to lack of opportunities because of visa limitations. However, this doesn't mean you will not find a job - each person is different. As the saying goes "Hope for the best prepare for the worst"


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      very true. I agree with above comment. Also, when i uploaded my resume onto desiopt, I get calls only from IT consultants who want me to change into IT industry. So, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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        You are doing the right thing - Yes it is good idea to have a back up employer to maintain your immigration situation, We suggest job seekers to speak to multiple employers ahead of time so you have time to choose the correct employer
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          You can also attend free demo sessions to get an understanding about their training/policies etc


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            Thanks a lot. Yup, Im taking care of my immigration status. DesiOPT is doing really a good job. Thanks a lot once again.


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              It's true to have a backup
              Moreover to get a job in mech takes time and patience is must...
              I tried n still trying...