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Wife wants to stop working->H4 Processing time?

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  • Wife wants to stop working->H4 Processing time?

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    Hey !If a person is on H1 visa and working here and her husband is also on H1 visa.. Wife wants to stop working and convert the H1 visa into H4..

    -What process should be followed?
    -How many days it may take for the conversion?

    Please help..

    This was posted on on 9th Oct 2013

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    She can convert to H4 at any time once her H4 is approved she can ask her employer to withdraw her H1.
    It takes 7- 10 working day's.


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      1) Completed for I-539
      2) Check for $300 (Check USCIS website for the latest fee details)
      3) Copy of the existing H1B/L1 approval notices.
      4) Copy of the passport including the biographical information.
      5) Copy of the valid H1B/L1 visa
      6) Copy of form I-94
      7) Latest pay slips for the last 6 months
      Copy of the marriage certificate
      9) A letter acknowledging that I will no longer be eligible to work upon approval of the change of status to H4/L2.


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          Thousands** are dying for H4 to H1... This is new ..