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  • Need Your Feedback - $101 Gift Card community is thankful to every one who is sharing their experience to help other OPT/CPT/F1 Visa Students.

    As a small token of appreciation, We are thinking of randomly picking one of the contributor every month and send a gift card worth $101.

    Comment below to Agree/Disagree with this idea. Like this post if you can't comment (Like=Agree)

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    This was posted on on 2nd OCt 2013

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    Good incentive to motivate your community to participate. I would suggest you also have a gift card for the best answer to student's visa questions. That could motivate commentors to give the best suggestions they could think of.


    • #3
      Thanks for your suggestion. What are your thoughts on how to select best answer as there are many answers and each answer is best to some people and some other are best to some other people


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        hmmm .. it would disappointing to others if their ans is not select as best one ..i like u r of just picking randomly ..


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          Thanks for your suggestions. If we historically look at the likes for the comments- not all useful/best answers receive likes (eg: Funny Comments, Sarcastic Comments receive more) but it is one of the indicator that we can use


          • #6
            You can count the number of likes that answers are getting and the ans with max likes is the winner


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              Max likes is one way to decide. Also suggestions which are more precise to f-1, OPT and h1 information, and people who direct the student with his or her problem to reliable sources of information, is another way to decide best answers. Immigration processes are so stringent, wrong or ill-informed advice can do more harm than good. Random selection is good but the problem with doing random selection alone (which I have noticed on other fb pages) is those whose name doesnt get picked after a while of participation get resentful. You wudnt want people putting upsetting comments to a good page like yours which actually helps its community just b'coz they dont win.