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Border patrol checkpoint in New Mexico

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  • Border patrol checkpoint in New Mexico

    Hi All. I had traveled to New Mexico state to visit tourist places during the long weekend. One of the days i had traveled down south to El Paso, Texas which is near the Mexico border. When i was driving back north to my next spot in New Mexico, i encountered a border patrol checkpoint. Until that encounter, i did not even know about the existence of such checkpoints in the US. I obviously didn’t have passport with me at that time as it was a domestic travel and I never knew about that. They asked if im US citizen and i said im on H1B visa. They asked to see the passport and visa and when i told I didn’t have , the agent said if we non citizens are not able to show our status documents, then its 30 days jail time. I got scared as I didn’t have passport with me. It was at my home. The border patrol agent asked then if i have a photo of my visa. I was trying to find our on my phone. Simultaneously he was asking where i was coming from, about my rental car etc. I also told it was my first time to New Mexico and i never knew about border patrol checkpoints and that we need to have documents. Luckily the officer said next time make sure i have the documents and then let me go. However are they authorized to arrest us if we are not able to show documents even though we are legally present? Has anyone ever experienced this on their local travels within the United States. Please throw some light

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