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How long it takes for tax refund?

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  • How long it takes for tax refund?

    How long it takes for tax refund? My Company mistakenly deducted my SSN and Medicare taxes (it's considerable amount).

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    Hi DesiOPT! Bravo for the awesome job you guys are doing.

    I have question regarding my tax returns. I am an International student and my during my Summer Internship my company mistakenly deducted my SSN and Medicare taxes. I have filed my tax returns and filed for SSN and Medicare refund as well on time. I have got my state tax refund (two weeks back, which I didnt care as it was really small amount) but I am still waiting for SSN and medicare tax refund (it's considerable amount). Now, I was just wondering does anybody know how long it takes for SSN tax refund? Thanks for your help!

    This was posted on on 5th Sep 2013

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    I got my refunds after almost six months in 2012. It was not related to SSN and Medicare but federal. The reason they told that their system got crashed and lost some of the files on it. And, unfortunately, my application was one of them. In general, I have seen it takes 3-8 weeks, if filed correctly. IRS cam notify you via mail if they will delay in your returns . They did it in my case.


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      It usually takes 12-24 months. One of my friend faced the same problem last year and till date he has not received his refund.


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        I applied for the same in March and haven't heard anything about it takes a lot of time....


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          If you notify your HR, they may refund you in the next pay check, that's what happened to me while I was on CPT.


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            I guess if you are not working for the company anymore, it might not be an option.


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              Even if you are working with the company, some companies may not refund it. Apply for Form 843. If you did not apply with that form, you wont receive anything. Its not refundable with your taxes