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USCIS Scammers targeting International students on OPT

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  • USCIS Scammers targeting International students on OPT

    Hello, my OPT just started. Yesterday, I received a call from (800) 375-5283, and I missed it. There was no voice mail either. When I called back, I heard recorded instructions saying I have reached the USCIS providing me with options to dial 1, 2, etc. I hung up because I didn't know who was trying to reach me. I reported this to my ISSS office and she confirmed that USCIS never calls up the students directly. It corresponds via email, or in extreme cases, calls up the university. She warned me of the USCIS scam I had read earlier about on Desiopt.

    Today, I received a call from 911. He knew my name and the university I worked in. He insisted that I provide me my current address so that he can come get me, and deport me for being an illegal immigrant. I hung up on him. I reported this to my ISSS office again. She confirmed that it must be the same USCIS scammers since they have been targeting only International students on OPT, and asked me to be cautious and hang up, and that she will figure out a way of reporting this issue. 911 never calls up people !!

    And while I write this message, I received another call from (800) 375-5283. This time it was some Chinese person on the line, who knew my name, and said that he needed my alien registration number which I had forgotten to update after entering the States the last time. I told that I am currently not in the States and asked him not to bother me again, and that I do not want to receive such calls from USCIS again. I was rude, and hung up.
    I am surprised how these people get these details, and hope they do not have access to other sensitive information that we send USCIS when we file for an OPT.

    All international students on OPT, please be alert and don't fall prey to such scams !!

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    I got a similar call few days back. These frauds want to extract money out of students. Please be cautious!


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      must be one of ur friend playing a prank on u.... ROFL


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        We just posted about this on our firm's Facebook page. This is a new telephone scam targeting USCIS applicants and petitioners. Scammers are using a technique called "Caller ID spoofing" to display false information on the recipient's Caller ID, leading the individual to believe that the caller is a USCIS official. Please be aware of these types of scams and know that USCIS will never ask for any form of payment or personal information over the phone.