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Got RFE for Stem Extension

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  • Got RFE for Stem Extension

    Hello All:
    I received a RFE today from USCIS for OPT Stem Extension. I currently work at company "X "from a consulting company "Y". My reasons for the RFE were:
    1. My consulting company Y gave me the incorrect Everify number.
    2. When I sent the employment offer letter to my DSO, he updated my I20 with the company "X", although my payroll is ran my my consulting company "Y". I talked to him about this when he sent me the I20 but he insisted that he should put the "X" as my employer although my payroll is ran by "y".

    They have asked me to submit the EVerify number. Also, they have asked me to submit all employment info from the day I came to US.
    But here is where I have problem:
    I graduated in may 2012 and didn't start this job until Feb 2013. Even though I can get an offer letter from my consulting company for the peroid that I was not on a job, I need to submit description, payrate, location and numbers of hours in a week. I wasn't on the payroll at that time. Do they check if you were in payroll at that time?

    Do I also need to call my DSO and ask him to send a new I20 with my consulting company "Y" name on it?

    Please put your inputs. Thanks!

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      I have the same question. But why did your consulting company give you the wrong e-verify number? Do consultancies usually do this?


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        I believe u need to get "Y" i20 instead of "X" "X" will not give u any docs required for confirmation...
        Yes....they will verify ur docs from May 2012 onwards to give u stem extension.....if u were not on payroll then say u worked voluntarily with "Y" for that period of time...I hope this helps....


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          I think anyone who receives an RFE should hire a qualified US immigration attorney and member of AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers Association) to respond to the request. You only get one chance to reply to the RFE. If you respond incorrectly or without all of the information requested, your case may be denied. That denial could cause additional scrutiny on future filings.


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            You should call the DSO and ask them to issue a new i20 which reflects the name of your consulting company, payroll will not be an issue as you can work as voluntary. hope this helps.