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Estimated time of EAD card delivery after updating the address with the USCIS

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  • Estimated time of EAD card delivery after updating the address with the USCIS

    Hello, I applied for OPT on 9th May, My card got approved on june 13th and sent via USPS. But unfortunately it went back to USCIS on June 27th as I have given the wrong zip code, I called them and updated my address and after 10 days i.e. on July 8th I got an e-mail from USCIS which says,
    " Type of service requested:
    -- Non-Delivery of Employment Authorization Card

    The status of this service request is:

    On June 13, 2013, we created an Employment Authorization Document for you and mailed it to the address we had on file at that time, but the post office returned it to us. Recently, you called to tell us that you did not receive your Employment Authorization Document. As a courtesy, we will re-mail your Employment Authorization Document. Please allow 60 days for delivery. Additionally, we have updated your address. Please be sure that you are registered to receive mail at the address listed on your application. Your name must be currently on the mailbox. Keep the U.S. Postal Service informed as to who resides at your address, especially when people with different last names receive mail at a specified address. In the future, if you change your address please contact customer service at the number provided below. "

    Now, when I check my case status it says initial review again. The card has already been approved right, why is it again saying initial review? Also, my OPT started on July 8th and it is getting really late. Will I get a new OPT date as I did not receive my card on time? I keep calling USCIS repeatedly but of no use. I got an offer in June and let it go since I did not get my card. And now I might get an offer or else thinking of joining an consultancy by the end of this month. I am still worried about my card. When will I get it? Did any one have a similar situation? Kindly help...Thanks in advance
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      you will get it in 10 days - 15 days from now


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        No you will not get new opt date nd u can start working with the number which is mailed to you in email starting with SRC