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Given Name not complete on OPT

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  • Given Name not complete on OPT

    Hello Guys, can you answer the following question for me:

    My Job is going to start in September. I received my OPT card on 5th but there seems to be a problem in the way they wrote my name. For example, if Given Name as per passport and visa is John Doe, the OPT shows my Given Name as John D. I'm thinking it probably kept the Doe part into middle name since there is a space in my first name. Should I report it to USCIS and get it changed? Or, should I just ignore it and go on with my employment as it is approaching soon in order not to cause any delays?
    Also, if I let it be, will it cause any problems in the future with Green Card Application etc?

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    Yes, they always take it as middle name if there is a space.


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      You can ignore it. As of my knowledge there won't be any problem