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Rumours about travelling abroad while on OPT

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  • Rumours about travelling abroad while on OPT

    I know its a frequently asked question but still I thought of asking it again as there have been rumors regarding the same.

    I'm on OPT, have a job with an e-verified employer and they will also sponsor my H1B next year. Off lately, I've heard that it's advised by many not to travel to India on OPT as on returning their might be some problem.

    I have all my documents required for travel (I-20, EAD card, Offer Letter, the company will also provide me with a letter confirming my joining and being an employee and the pay subs.

    Having all these, do I still need to be pre-cautious to plan my travel and avoid doing so or with all proper documents I can travel without facing any hassle on return... Houston will be my Port of entry...

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      is secondary interview compulsory for every one


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        You will still need a valid visa. Adding to this question, if the visa is expired is it possible to get a new f-1 on OPT?


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          only problem you might have is a secondary interview at port of entry. but that only half hour wait with no questions asked. you ll be good if you have all the documents.