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Have a Valid f1 visa Till 2015. presently in India from March!

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  • Have a Valid f1 visa Till 2015. presently in India from March!

    Have a valid F1 Visa till 2015,But I didn't applied for H1 Visa. Want to come back on tourist visa or is it possible If I can get I-20 from other University in Dec 2013. Need your advice!!
    Hi, I was studying in the US for almost 3 years. I came back to India in the end of Feb. Even I didn't used my OPT, I came just after 4 months I received my OPT.
    I am Planing to apply for the tourist visa to go back to US to visit my friends. What are the chances for getting my tourist visa approved? Will the embassy counselor questioning my purpose of travel because Any tips/suggestions? Any one had the similar situation before?

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    If you are on OPT try to find a job then you can safely come back.


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      I believe he cannot coz he has already passed the 90 day limit... moreover, if he does come back, he might have problems while applying for OPT extension...


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        Donn worry, Your tourist Visa is entirely independent of your F1. Show some assets which really shows that you can fund yourself or your sponsor can fund you. Thats it.


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          I agree with u. F1 and Tourist visa both are two different stories. In fact, If you have been in US maintaining the legal status and returned to your home country after completing your course then it may create a good platform to prove that you do not have any intention to stay in US. Prepare documents properly and GO FOR IT ! All the best !


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            If your is valid and Sevis is active then you can get your SEVIS transfered to another university and get here ... You may transfer to ITU and come here ... You can get better advice if you talk to an attorney